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The ATPA appeals all the concerned organizations to protect Ja’bar citadel

In 30/6/2017 the ATPA documented for the first time Ja’bar citadel after the liberation by SDF. Where observed that the citadel had been used as military stationing by ISIS it’s seemed through using it as training field of throwing bullets in several positions ( the western fence down of the citadel ), the iron propped which had attached by chains beside of the fence for protection have been stolen, in addition to take off all doors as the door of the main gate, the corridor which lead to the top of citadel and all the museum doors, also all the tables, shelves and safes and what did put inside it in the museum have been wrecked and stolen, the windows broken down and the electricity equipment inside the castle entirely stolen, some walls of the citadel experiencing crumble whether in the fences or towers notably the eastern tower that probably will entirely collapse .,

Ja’bar citadel is the one of the more beautiful sites in Syria due to its strategical and tourism location, it is located close to Al Assad lake beside Al Tabqa city, this citadel has a contiguous shape in length 320 m from northern to southern side and 170 m from eastern to western side , the citadel surrounded by 35 defensive tower and 2 huge fences one of them inward and the another one outward .

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