Restoration of the Ferhya Tomb

For the ninth day continue a specialized team of archaeologists from the authority of tourism and protection antiquities in Al-Jazira canton -Syria restoration works in Ferhya tomb soth-east of Derbasiya . Restoration works are support of the organization of UNDP and the presbyterian national evangelical church. Read More »

Farahia burial

The ATPA in AL Jazira Canton – Syria with support of UNDP and evangelical Presbyterian church , began the renovation of the Al farhia burial 30 KM south west of the city Derbasiyah through a team of cadres and local expertise the tomb , which dates back to the by Byzantine period and worked for the mission of Syria has been ... Read More »

Maintenance of Gaabar Castle

On 6-7/12/2017 The ATPA in Al-Jazira canton – Syria in cooperation with Civil council of Al-Raqqa and directorate of Tourism and Antiquities to start the maintenance of Gaabr Castle , which were limited to the following things : Fill the excavations down the site from the west and north which was about 300 m which resulted from the theft of ... Read More »

Documented Wall of Raqqa and Baghdad Gate

Mission of archaeologists (Ristam Abdo – Amer Ahmed- Muntser Qasem ) from ATPA in Al-Jazira canton –Syria  documented about 4k.m from wall of Raqqa from the outside  and points on the eastern side were destroyed because of bombing and collapsing  some of brick from the outward facade and inward facade of the wall and exposed to missiles , weather condition ... Read More »

Hergla Mosaic

In 5/12/2017 the ATPA in Al Jazira Canton – Syria ( Amer Ahmad – Ristam Abdo – Muntaser Qassem ) has documented more than 150 restored mosaic panel inside Hergla depot date back to Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine periods decorated with human, planate and geometric forms all these mosaic had discovered during the excavations of Tell  al-Bayha , Tell Sheikh ... Read More »

The situation of Raqqa Museum

In 5/12/2017 a delegation of  ATPA in Al Jazira Canton – Syria ( Ristam Abdo – Amer Ahmad – Muntaser Qassem ) documented the museum of Raqqa entirely . where some of potteries, mosaic, plastering frames, crowns of columns and sarcophaguses still existed inside the museum.  most of value museum contents have robbed Also the roof of  museum subjected to ... Read More »

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