documentation the archeological sites in the Hull area

In Date 25/5/2017 the Authority of Tourism and Protection Antiquities in Al Jazira canton  completed the documentation the  archeological sites in the Hull area Includes the following hills : tell Shalala , tell Albuyer , tell Jalala , tell Almzraa , tell Alhull , Tell Alshekh Muaz , ayn Al khan , tell Am hjera ….. Read More »

The awareness training workshop

The authority of tourism and protection antiquities concluded training workshop presence with 60 students from the universities of  Rojava and Euphrates to visit some archaeological sites : 1 – tell Arbed 2 – tell Hamidi 3 –  tell Bari   Read More »

Starting of the awareness training workshop

Date 12/5/2017 the authortiy of tourism and protection antiquities in Qamshlo city starting to work of training workshop awareness . Included activites in the first day has four lectures . 1 – Berivan Younes : the importance of training 2 – Sipan Abd algafour : the history of ancient east 3 – Khald Ahmo : archaeological survey 4 – Rastam ... Read More »

Documentation of some sites of the middle Euphrates Valley

At 8/5/2017 The authority of Tourism and protection antiquities in Al Jazira canton decumented some important archaeological sites that located on the left bank of the Euphrates River between the Saren and Algarnia town its as follows : Tell Baze, tell Algarf alahmar , Jabal khaled , tell alswehat,tell al abad , tell mnbaqa . Read More »

The Rescue Campaign

The Authority of Tourism and protection antiquities in Al Jazera canton cooperated with self-management in Kobani canton to extraction panel mosaic as part of a rescue campaign from the site of Tel Shiukh Tahtani with a group of specialists and mosaic experts from (ICCM) and transfer it to a safe place . The co-presidency of the Authority of Tourism and ... Read More »


The Kurdish security forces in Al Jazira Canton  ( Al Asayish ) arrested some of  promoters and trafficker of antiquities with them a collection of pieces, these confiscated pieces included  ( a  piece represents  mask of Tutankhamun –  a leather piece with imagens – statue of man ) . Read More »