Toured to Tabqa city

The Authority of Tourism and Protection Antiquities in Al Jazira Canton – Syria The commission toured in Al Tabqa city and met with directorates of tourism and archeology there. The meeting discussed how to protect archaeological sites and document archaeological how to protect archaeological sites, document archaeological and tourism sites, and expand relations and participation in restoration castle Gabar. Read More »

The Exhibition of ” women and history” in Amouda

Under the slogan the smashing the Amrali system is broaking down restrictions on woman . The Authority of Tourism and protection Antiquities in Al Jazira canton opening the exhibition ” Jin u Dirok ” was opened at the houri center for culture and art in Amouda where the exhibition began to observe a minute of silence foe the souls of martyrs ... Read More »

The Urkesh exhibition and dialogue table in Beirut

In 15/11/2017 the Urkesh archaeological exhibition and the dialogue table were held at the headquarters of the American University in Beirut. Attended by  representatives of UNESCO and the American Mission which working in the site, as well as many researchers in the field of archaeology. The vice of the Joint presidency  of ATPA in Al Jazira Canton _ Syria (Rustam ... Read More »

ATPA meets with American missions in Beirut 15 / 11 / 2017

In the events of Orkish Gallery which is supposed to begin today at the American university in Beirut Ristem Ebdo the co-presidency of ATPA met the manager of mission Tell Mozan Ms. Marlene and Mr. Giorgio Butchelati . The meeting including several Topics one of it about Tell Mozan and archaeological in addition to the activates that the ATPA doing ... Read More »

Completion of restoration of tell Bayder

ATPA in Al Jazira Canton – Syria . In date 12 / 10 / 2017 ending restoration in archaeological tell Bayder in the following archaeological monuments ( Temple B –  Temple C – the Facade of  Temple  D – Stores – Hellenistic palace – Temple nich A ) . Read More »

The Directorate of Antiquities in Manbej discovers Roman Tomb

The Directorate of Antiquities in Manbej discovers Roman Tomb The Directorate of Antiquities in Manbej that belong to Democratic    Self-management found a Roman tomb dates back to Roman period ,that had been subjected to illegal excavations and used as a rubbish container during ISIS domination The Directorate of Antiquities in Manbej currently cleans and documents it   Read More »

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