Restoration of the Ferhya Tomb

For the ninth day continue a specialized team of archaeologists from the authority of tourism and protection antiquities in Al-Jazira canton -Syria restoration works in Ferhya tomb soth-east of Derbasiya . Restoration works are support of the organization of UNDP and the presbyterian national evangelical church. Read More »

Farahia burial

The ATPA in AL Jazira Canton – Syria with support of UNDP and evangelical Presbyterian church , began the renovation of the Al farhia burial 30 KM south west of the city Derbasiyah through a team of cadres and local expertise the tomb , which dates back to the by Byzantine period and worked for the mission of Syria has been ... Read More »

Maintenance of Gaabar Castle

On 6-7/12/2017 The ATPA in Al-Jazira canton – Syria in cooperation with Civil council of Al-Raqqa and directorate of Tourism and Antiquities to start the maintenance of Gaabr Castle , which were limited to the following things : Fill the excavations down the site from the west and north which was about 300 m which resulted from the theft of ... Read More »

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