Ja’aber Citadel , 21/9/2017

Recently the electric cables in the Citadel have been stolen by an unknown persons  , so the stair that leads to the castle devastated Note: the ATPA in Al Jazira Canton –  Syria had documented the citadel in former time this year A team from the ATPA in Al Jazira Canton –  Syria, and in collaboration with the self-administration there, ... Read More »

Documentation of the archaeological sites in Raqqa 20/9/2017

A delegation from ATPA in Al Jazira Canton  – Syria represented by Berivan Younes – Rustam Abdo – Sipan Abdul Ghafoor visited the city of Raqqa to take a look at the archaeological sites there. However, because of the continued fighting and presence of mines which planted in every corner Those landmarks didn’t documented as form as required The sits ... Read More »

Workshop in Tell Mozan

In 5-6 /9/2017 the  ATPA in Al Jazira Canton – Syria held workshop under sponsorship and funding of Urkesh project Mission , that worked in Tell Mozan site( as presentation all equipment to success the project )  , the operation included as flowing :  – Identification of the site and its mission   – An overview of study and assessment of Urkesh ... Read More »

The archaeological sites in Al Hol area

In 8 / 4/ 2017 and 25 / 5 / 2017 the ATPA in Al Jazira Canton – Syria documented most of its sites by archaeological group ( Ristam Abdo – Amer Ahmed – Adnan Al Barri – Rana Assad – Muntasar Qassem – Jeylan Ibrahim ) ,the situation in this area was so bad where all of these sites ... Read More »

Restoration of Tell Bayder 2

ATPA in preparing to continue the second phase of Tell Bayder restorations ( plastering and rebuilding the crumbled walls ) this process will include Temple B and C , the southern facade of Temple D , the Hellenistic palace and stores . Read More »

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