Tell Barri ( Kahat )

Tell Barri ( Kahat ) is located 34 km south of Qamishlo and it is one of most important sites in the second and third millennia B.C. and has been subjected to secret excavation and stealing the contents of the mission house before liberation by the People Protection Units Read More »

Tell Moazer

Tell Moazer located 44 km southwest of Hasaka and which is one of the coronal mounds , which dates back to the third millennium B.C, where the diameter of the mound about 650 M . After detection, we have noticed a secret excavation through the use of heavy machinery. Where the number of pits exceeded more than 27 holes and ... Read More »

Restoration of Tell Bayder

  After finishing the detailed studies about restorations in Tell Bayder the Authority of Tourism and protection of Antiquities working currently in this restorations by a group of specialist workers in this field and they have already worked with the mission in the site                                  ... Read More »

Tell Khazna

Tell Khazna 1 is located 52 km southwest of Qamishlo and it is one of the most ancient religious sites in the third millennium B.C, the early beginnings of settlement at the site dates back to the late fifth millennium B.C .         Read More »

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