Civilization of upper Khabur basin

The vice of the joint presedency of Arthourity of Tourism AndProtecting Of Antiquities in AL Jazira Canton . Mr. RastamAbdo gave lecture it was about AL Khabur basin . The place of lecture was in theNawrouzCenter. To raise civilian society in Amuda . A lot of people whose were there academic and the attentives. The lecture included Urkash documental projection ... Read More »


The Authority of Tourism and protection of Antiquities in Al Jazira Canton finished Renovation of Tell Bayder site, where continued 16 days , by a group of specialist workers have already worked in this field with the site mission, under supervision of archaeologists and engineers from the Authority, participation of a group of students from Al Furat University Renovations included ... Read More »

Ain Diwar Bridge ( Roman Bridge )

Given currently situations in Syria generally and Roj Ava specifically, the Turkish government exploits these circumstances to encroach to Roj Ava and northern of Syria, where currently changing the course of the Tigris River in the border triangle between Syria, Iraq and Turkey and vandalizing lands of citizens in Roj Ava and grab a large part of lands and attaching ... Read More »

Tell Faras

Tell Faras located 36 km southwest of Qamishlo city it is one of the important sites in the Chalcolithic period , the western mound has been bulldozed in the top before liberating it by people protection units , regarding of the eastern mound it has affected by weather factors .. Read More »

Tell Hamis

Within campaign of documenting archaeological sites in the Aljazira Canton , the Authority of Tourism and protection of Antiquities has documented the archaeological sites and mounds in Tell Hamis area after liberation by people protection units Read More »

Tell Hamidia (Taido)

Tell Hamidia ( Taido ) located 36 km south of Qamishlo city , the site is one of most important sites during the second millennium B.C .The beginnings of settlement in the site date back to the late third millennium B .C . the site has been bulldozed and digging trenches before liberating it by the People Protection Units. Read More »

Mission house of Tell Mozan ( Urkesh )

The Authority of Tourism and Protection of Antiquities has documented the contents of the mission house of Urkesh, after the detection we have noticed everything in excellent situation It is noteworthy that the site is under the control of the People Protection Units     Read More »

Tell Kojar

within the campaign of Documenting the archaeological sites in Al jazira Canton the Authority of Tourism and Protection of Antiquities has documented the archaeological sites and mound in Tell Kojar’s area Read More »

Tell Arbid

Located 26 KM southwest of Qamishlo , it is one of the important sites during the third millennium B.C , the beginning of settlement dates back to the fifth millennium B.C , the excavations have been affected with the weather factors     Read More »

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