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Maintenance of Gaabar Castle

On 6-7/12/2017 The ATPA in Al-Jazira canton – Syria in cooperation with Civil council of Al-Raqqa and directorate of Tourism and Antiquities to start the maintenance of Gaabr Castle , which were limited to the following things :

  • Fill the excavations down the site from the west and north which was about 300 m which resulted from the theft of electric cables .
  • Restoration of section of the stairs that was destroyed after the theft of electrical cables .
  • Installation of the external door that was removed during the crisis , under the control of extremist groups, after installation a new frame for the door .
  • Manufacture of new door to entrance the Roman Tomb , after stealing the old door .
  • Manufacture and installation of wooden dentures for stairs , which leads down to the roman tomb , after being deconstructed and robbed .
  • Installation of a new lock for the museum door of tower Alia.
  • Clean the floor of the library from dirt.
  • Clean the floor of the Tower museum Alia from dirt .
  • Clean the yard that leads to Tower museum Alia from dirt.
  • Clean the stairs from the dirt and stones.
  • Clean the outer stairs from the dirt.
  • Clean the castle yard from the dirt .
  • Set a civilian guard to protect the castle from encroachments , and the contents of the Jabar castle museum in the Alia tower and the roman tomb were transferred to Raqqa before taken over by extremist groups , and Jabar castle was used as a military base by extremist groups before liberation , where its facade was exposed from the west side from the bottom to the shots ,after being used as a training ground by those groups , and the entire lighting equipment was also stolen , all the supplies and repair kits that were in it were also stolen ,the contents of the library were thrown out of books and brochures in the river by militants ,and some of the castle’s doors and windows were stolen , but the status of the castle technically is good and did not expose any of its architectural blocks to encroachments.

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