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Workshop in Tell Mozan

In 5-6 /9/2017 the  ATPA in Al Jazira Canton – Syria held workshop under sponsorship and funding of Urkesh project Mission , that worked in Tell Mozan site( as presentation all equipment to success the project )  , the operation included as flowing :  – Identification of the site and its mission   – An overview of study and assessment of Urkesh ... Read More »

Restoration of Tell Bayder 2

ATPA in preparing to continue the second phase of Tell Bayder restorations ( plastering and rebuilding the crumbled walls ) this process will include Temple B and C , the southern facade of Temple D , the Hellenistic palace and stores . Read More »

The ATPA documented (2) graves belong to Byzantine and Roman periods

The ATPA documented (2) graves belong to Byzantine and Roman periods in preparation for conservation and maintenance project, where one of these graves located in the village of Al Farhya Southern Al Derbasyeh, it had subjected to vandalism and the another one in the village of Abu Jarade eastern the same city, which turned to the religious Islamic shrine after ... Read More »

Restoration of Sukera citadel

The ATPA visited the archaeological citadel of Sukera that located in southwest Al Hasaka in Abed Al Aziz mountain, in order to prepare a comprehensive study as a step to restore it, where some of its towers and stores in pitiful condition, noteworthy the citadel had used as military stationing by the extremist groups . Read More »

confiscations 8 / 7 / 2017

The ATPA documents a confiscated piece have been already seized with antiquities trafficker , The piece is a vase decorated with statues of three women carved in relief shape, made of harsh industrial materials. this vase is forged . Read More »

Ain Diwar bridge

The ATPA in Al Jazira Canton – Syria has been able to reach to the Ain Diwar bridge that located in the northeast of Derek (AL Malkia ) for the first time since occupied by the Turkish state . Read More »