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A cemetery site dating back to the Roman period in Manbij

The Directorate of Antiquities of Manbig documented earlier ,a cemetery site dating back to the Roman and Byzantine periods in Manbij In Al-Entabi site . It had been found and assaulted during the rule of the ISIS of the city , Before being diverted by the residents to a cemetery. The cemetery was then entered through a hole in one ... Read More »

Concerning the Srian church in Manbaj

Regarding what has been circulated in some newspapers, media and means of social communication, local and Arab about the exposure of the Srian churchin the city of Manbj for violation and theft of the mosaic By coalition forces , The Directorate of Antiquities in the city of Manbeg confirms that this news is completely untrue . After the establishment of ... Read More »

Photographs showing the exposure of the Ancient Mosque in Al-Riqqa

Photographs showing the exposure of the Ancient Mosque in Al-Riqqa, which dates back to the Abbasid period for some violation in the south-west and south-east corner by the ISIS the organization also used the outer courtyard of the mosque as a cemetery to bury their dead during the war of Al-Raqqa , The bodies were recently removed by the Municipalities ... Read More »

Palace Al-Banat and Tell ALbyaa

Photographs showing the existence of several excavations near the palace Al-Banat in Raqqa As well as tunnels under the palace were used by the Islamic state organization . Also pictures showing the exposure of the Tell ALbyaa archaeological  from the east and west to the bulldozing and transfer of soil by the organization in addition to a tunnel under of the mission ... Read More »

Confiscated pieces

The Authority of Tourism and  Protection Antiquities in Al-Jazira territory documented collection Of the pieces that had been seized by the Asayish forces with possession of traders and smugglers of antiquities . These pieces include Animal dolls , Lanterns of bronze and pieces of pottery. Read More »

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