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The first show For the film Tell Halaf

The presence of many civil and governmental institutions in democratic self-management, as well as the presence of many students of universities, institutes and academies in north Syria and some visual and audio media in the territory the documentary film was about Culture of ” Tell Halaf ” One of the most famous archaeological sites in the East and the world, ... Read More »

documentary film entitled : Halaf Renaissance

Soon in Qamshlo sponsored by the Authority of tourism and protection antiquities in Jazira territory _Syria documentary film entitled : Halaf Renaissance The film about the history and landmarks of tell Half which is considered one of the most important archaeological sites in the east and the world . Scientific text to Ristem Ebdo _ Amer Ahmed and directed by ... Read More »

Appeal to protection the antiquities

The ATPA in Al Jazira territory – Syria appeals to all institutions and international organizations concerned with heritage to intervene urgently to protect the antiquities of Afrin , which is aimed at theses moments systematically by Turkish aircraft , in conjunction with the bombing of civilians . Read More »

Completion the restoration in Al Farahiya Tomb

The ATPA completed the restoration work in Byzantine tomb near of Al Farahiya Village after it continued about thirteen days. The restoration were limited to the cleaning (inside and outside the tomb) and restoration the floor and the roof of the tomb, as well as the construction of a stone surrounding the tomb from the outside and installation a metal ... Read More »

Stony sculpture found in Al Omer field in Der al-Zor

On 17/1/2018, ATPA received an antique sculpture from the Syrian Democratic Forces that was found in the field of Al Omer in Deir Al-Zour. The sculpture is in the form of an obelisk with dimensions of 145 × 95 and a thickness of 17 cm with decorations are mostly dated to the modern Assyrian period, this obelisk incomplete and mutilated  ... Read More »

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