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Palace Al-Banat and Tell ALbyaa

Photographs showing the existence of several excavations near the palace Al-Banat in Raqqa As well as tunnels under the palace were used by the Islamic state organization . Also pictures showing the exposure of the Tell ALbyaa archaeological  from the east and west to the bulldozing and transfer of soil by the organization in addition to a tunnel under of the mission ... Read More »

Complete Preparation Warehouses

After the Authority of Tourism and Protection Antiquities in Al-Jazira territory –Syria transferred The remainder of the contents of mission houses operating in Al-Jazira to safe warehouses belonging to it From 7/10/2018 until 29/10/2018 . The second step of supply these warehouses with metal shelves replacing worn-out boxes with plastic boxes in preparation for their count . Read More »

Confiscated pieces

The Authority of Tourism and  Protection Antiquities in Al-Jazira territory documented collection Of the pieces that had been seized by the Asayish forces with possession of traders and smugglers of antiquities These pieces include coins, and pottery. Read More »

Restoration archaeological mission house In tell Biyder

As part of a series of maintenance and restoration operations carried out by the Authority of Tourism and Protection Antiquities in Al-Jazira territory during two seasons of work at the archaeological site of Tell Biyder . The new stage includes the maintenance and restoration of the scientific complex where the archeological mission was located Which was then constructed as a ... Read More »

Preventive maintenance of the Castle of Sakra

The Authority of Tourism and Protection  Antiquities in Al – Jazira territory –Syria .The Authority will carry out maintenance work for the archaeological Castle of Sakra which located in the mountain range Abd Alaziz (Kazuan) Where the castle of Sakra is one of the most important tourist sites in Al- Jazira Syria and it dating back to the Ayyubid and ... Read More »

Secret excavation at the site of Abu Hafour and Abu Hujayrah

During the archaeological survey carried out the Authority of Tourism and Protection Antiquities to some archaeological sites north of the basalt plateau , both sites were exposed to secret excavation  at several points ( As shown in the red line ) after the lake was dry . Both sites were located within the lake which was formed by the construction ... Read More »

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