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Who We Are ?

In the beginning of the Syrian crisis on March in 2011 all of foreign missions left Syrian ground among of them which worked in Al Jazira Canton that recently reached to 20 mission . within chaos and absence of security some of sites in Al Jazira Canton subjected to illegal excavations , looting and vandalism , and some of them became as fronts of combat on the other hand . because of the dire situation that turned out these sites , it was incumbent upon The Authority of Tourism and protection of Antiquities in Al Jazira Canton which founded with the announcement of democratic self-management after three years of Syrian crisis to carry upon itself Efforts of safeguarding these sites from the violations through observation , documentation and communication with the population . the Authority is specialized to achieving a number of objectives, in the foreground is promoting the awareness of protecting tourist and archaeological sites for all society categories . Preparing and accomplishing resolutions , training staffs on the importance and definition of archaeological and historical sites, correlating past with present and looking towards a better future and interesting with awareness in schools and universities and collaboration with anyone concerned by the protecting of antiquities and humanitarian heritage. the most prominent targets of the Authority are as following : Protecting the archaeological sites and prevent infractions – – publishing awareness among citizens through preparing exhibitions , documentaries , and writing scientific articles about the archaeological sites in newspapers and magazines – Identify archaeological mounds and sites in the Canton and indicating to its economic , tourist , archaeological and historical importance – Identify the cultural heritage of Canton for generations and strengthen their correlation with their land and their archaeological Legacy – Communicating with all of organizations , missions and institutions which concerned with the protection of archaeological heritage.

The Authority of Tourism and Protection of Antiquities ( ATPA )

in Jazeera Kanton – Syria

Telephone: +963 52 429425

Telephone: +963 52 429420

Mobile: +963 963825155


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