The first show For the film Tell Halaf

The presence of many civil and governmental institutions in democratic self-management, as well as the presence of many students of universities, institutes and academies in north Syria and some visual and audio media in the territory the documentary film was about Culture of ” Tell Halaf ” One of the most famous archaeological sites in the East and the world, ... Read More »

documentary film entitled : Halaf Renaissance

Soon in Qamshlo sponsored by the Authority of tourism and protection antiquities in Jazira territory _Syria documentary film entitled : Halaf Renaissance The film about the history and landmarks of tell Half which is considered one of the most important archaeological sites in the east and the world . Scientific text to Ristem Ebdo _ Amer Ahmed and directed by ... Read More »

Continued targeting of heritage sites in Afrin by the Turkish state

The Turkish state continues to bomb sites in Afrin in front of the attention and silence of the concerned institutions and organizations. Where one of the important heritage buildings in the town of Jalameh, Jendiris, was recently bombed which belonging to the family Agha Battal . Which dates back to 1830 AD . In addition to the destruction houses, the ... Read More »

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